Covid-19 Has Slammed the Barn Door Shut for Cash Flow In Horse Businesses


What Can You Be Doing Right Now to Save Your Business?

Start your business recovery with a hard look at boarding pricing...

I've lost count of the number of times I've asked operators of boarding businesses how much they profit on boarding. The vague answers vary from "very little!" to "we lose money!" It's odd that no one seems to know exactly how much they are profiting or losing.

The answer is simple.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know.

You are a professional horseman. You have a vast knowledge about horses and the people who ride them. You're not a cost accountant and there is no shame in that.

Here is an easy solution for you to calculate your profit for boarding horses. It's an Excel spreadsheet for you to fill in the blanks for your boarding operation. I'll help you with the of the process with printed instructions and a video. You can do this for your boarding business to sharpen your expense awareness and raise your rates if you need to.

The Boarding Profit Calculator is a tool I built for clients in the horse business. It's perfect for seeing where you are today with profit or loss and ideal for completing "what if" projections as you reduce expenses and increase pricing.

I've got 40 years of experience in income and expense analysis in a wide variety of businesses including horses. I've looked at thousands of profit and loss statements as a lender, a business consultant, a real estate investment broker and director on non-profit boards.

The value of the results you'll get exponentially exceeds your investment. And as a bonus, the regular pricing of $37 has been discounted for a limited time.

You can get started on analyzing and improving your boarding business instantly for an investment of only $24.00!

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