You can learn to make money in the horse business.

Is your horse business experiencing any or all of the 3 Not Enoughs?

1. Not enough time to get it all done?

2. Not enough money to provide an adequate living?

3. Not enough of the right people to help you?

Doug Emerson

If you don’t have enough time, money or the right people in your horse business, don’t feel alone. Many professional horsemen tolerate these problems daily and don’t know where to look for a solution. Which means that they are working long hours, have no time to relax, are stressed about money and disillusioned by lack of enthusiasm for their business.

What I do is offer a program for professional horsemen and horsewomen in which I train, consult and coach them in 8 key strategies which have been proven to create more profit in less time.

The benefit is more energy from working fewer hours, peace of mind about money, more balanced home lives and renewed passion for work.

I publish the only weekly electronic newsletter about making money in the horse business. It’s absolutely free. Sign up in the box below and get started right now toward making your horse business more profitable.

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I have to thank you for your email newsletter… it is always thoughtful, upbeat and helps keep me moving forward in the horse world. Today’s edition was particularly appreciated as the whole thought process of positive thinking and believing in yourself is what keeps me going! It’s great to see a professional in our field continue to share the message that hard work and a good attitude WILL make the difference in turning a profit. Thanks again!

Sue Austin

Lucky Clover Stables Sanford, Maine

“Another publication sent an e-newsletter and your “Putting A Curb Chain On Spending” article was in that letter. I read it and thought that it was the best written piece that I had seen- to the point, very matter of fact. I forwarded it on to the entire sales team and in our meeting yesterday, our Publisher read it.”

Cindy Ingalls

Equine Journal