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September17, 2010
I.T.E. Disease and What To Do About It

You hear I.T.E  on the morning news report or read it online as you sip coffee. 

Your clients interject I.T.E. as they ramble when stalling a decision.

You mutter I.T.E. as you stare at your dismal checking account balance.

What's I.T.E? 
I. T. E. is the abbreviation for "In This Economy."  It's become the crutch phrase excuse for all things financially related.

The fact is "this economy" is the only one we have. And this economy is the hand everyone is dealt. So play it the best you can.

         If you're in the boarding business, in this economy you lost boarders.

         If you're in the lesson business, in this economy you lost students.

         If you're in the training business, in this economy, you lost client horses.

Almost everyone did. So what do you do about it?

The first thing to do is to admit, in this economy, business-as-usual has ended. Your new customers to replace lost business won't find you. You'll need to find them.

And a poster at the feed store won't suffice.

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. Which means you have to find opportunities to get yourself in front of more prospects every day.
  • Call prospects and former clients, ask how they're doing, let them know about training programs you have available, stalls for rent, horses for sale. They may not be buying today but they will some day.
  • Offer a riding or training clinic at your farm or ranch with you as the clinician or bring in an outsider. Show off your facilities to the visitors.
  • Schedule a riding lesson demonstration for beginners in all of the age groups you instruct. Invite prospects and groups.
  • Offer yourself as a guest speaker at horse related organizations (breed clubs, horse councils, 4-H, Pony Club) to market your expertise.
  • Volunteer to help in your horse related clubs and organizations.
  • Be visible at horse shows, auctions, horse fairs, trail rides, club meetings.
  • Join community civic organizations and business organizations.
  • Write reports and articles about subjects that make your expertise shine.
  • Ask for referrals.
  • Talk with other professional horsemen in your network.

In this economy, we've seen horse business owners quit and we'll see more. But, we'll also see a group of successful business owners who refuse to use I.T.E. as an excuse. If your sales have dropped, don't you have more time than ever to get very good at marketing?

"In this economy" is an excuse I'm not buying; sell something that pays.

Others have said...
"We'll either find a way or we'll make one."--Hannibal

"Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts."--Edward R. Murrow

"New Yorkers are as mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!"--Carl Paladino

Back At The Barn

barn windowI ordered some rough cut stall lumber from an Amish run saw mill not far from where I live.  There was also a quantity of fence lumber in the order. On the way to pick it up, I began to imagine how long it would take to hand load so many pieces of lumber on the trailer and began to wonder about the possibility of a horse drawn fork lift.

Turned out that this Amish sawyer kept the best of the old ways and blended in the modern to his benefit.

Picture an Amish operator complete with straw hat, bowl haircut and beard, whipping around on a skid steer with forks full of fresh cut fence lumber.
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