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March 19, 2010

You Could Carve a Roast With a Jack-knife, 

But Would You?

Probably not, for these and more reasons:

1.       It takes too long

2.       The roast slices would be small and chunky and  unappetizing

3.       The knife blade, not designed for slicing meat, could easily slip and cut you

In plain words, it's unwise and not something you'd want to tolerate. Tolerations in business, however, aren't always as easily identified. 

As an example, my aging laptop had gradually slowed in its ability to process and load information on the screen.  I was aware of the reduced operating speed, but chose to live with it as opposed to spending the energy  to buy a new computer and transfer all of the files and programs.

It was no surprise when a failing screen on the laptop forced my decision to invest in a replacement.  The file transfer process was painful, granted, but the end result was well worth it-a lightning fast processor, tons of RAM and storage and updated software.   My toleration of  the old laptop's inadequacies had been costing me money and time due to its logy pace. The inner voice I had been ignoring shouted, "I told you so!"

The reasons why we allow tolerations are as plentiful as horse flies in August.  But, it's safe to say no matter how good the reasons, tolerations are always costly financially or emotionally.

Thinking about your business, are you or your employees tolerating situations that cost time and money similar to my aging laptop?


You may have these tolerations draining time from your business daily:

  • The plastic shavings pitchfork is missing more teeth than Great Grandpa

  • The wheelbarrow with the slow leaking tire

  • A tractor with a dead battery (a Diehard, that did, long ago)

  • Permanently  temporary baling twine fence repairs

  • A precarious manure pile board  ramp that would be envied by Rube Goldberg

  • Scarcity of lead ropes without knots or broken snaps

  • Sliding doors that only slide when opened with a steel pry bar

  • Brooms so worn and tattered even a witch wouldn't ride it

  • Switches that only perform after the right magic "jiggle"

  • Mountains of tack to clean with no convenient soap, sponges and warm water for hundreds of feet

  • A leaky fifty foot hose intended for a job sixty feet away


Worse yet, keep in mind what you will tolerate for tools and working conditions may be far greater than what employees will tolerate. 

While there are many hard working Generation Y  youth, this age group is strongly conditioned to a throw-away society mentality.  If it's broken, buy a new one.

Which means workers in this age group will not be tolerating broken tools and equipment.  If you're a duct tape repairman, you may be wasting what you think you're saving with additional labor expense.

No one enjoys working with "make-do" tools and equipment.

Keep your employees happy and productive with functional, efficient tools and equipment.  Their success at their jobs is crucial for your business's success.


Others Have Said 

"Let's define tolerations as things that bug us, sap our energy, and could be eliminated!  There's a small payoff to carrying tolerations - you get to feel kind of noble about your burdens and your forbearance. But, believe me, it's a very expensive source of self-esteem.

Tolerations are holes in your personal success cup; they drain away your contentment and good fortune.  They drain YOU.  They make you feel less attractive to yourself.

Tolerations often represent compromises you've talked yourself into."

Thomas Leonard

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Back At The Barn

barn window
Because cold temperatures kept a continuous snow cover for most of winter in my neighborhood, mud was actually a welcome sight last week when our winter melt-down started. Snow, in the last weeks of winter, fits into the category of "weather tolerations."

Just like weather, indoor riding arena birds are another farm toleration. 

Many folks have a permanent bird colony like we do.  For me, most of the time, their chatter is "white noise" in the background.  In spring however, I can't seem to tune out their incessant birdspeak.

In desperation the other day, I shouted SHUT-UP at the top of my lungs at the squawking birds.

Just like demanding that your congressman lower taxes, it sure felt good, but got no action.

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Until next time,


Doug Emerson
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