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February 18, 2010
Do You Recognize The Early Warning Signs Of Customer Emotional Meltdown?

"She's a screaming crazy woman", the boarding farm owner said in disgust, "and she is trying to make me that way, too.  She's just not logical and everything in the barn is a drama even though there is no stage!"

Have you ever had a customer like that?

Unlike emotional chaos, logic is a wonderful process for keeping order and problem solving.  Most likely you were persuaded to think logically in your school classes and by your mentors as well.

Therefore you may conclude, in theory, logic will help you solve all customer problems.

But in reality, logic is not reliable.

Because in business you deal with people whose emotions are always the trump suit over your logic.

Logic works only when both parties are thinking logically.

And, with the exception of a few logic-anchored customers of Vulcan descent, most customers are driven by emotion.oHH 

  • In the car business, customers choose model and options over fuel efficiency and price

  • In the clothing business, customers choose style and image over fit and value

  • In the horse business, customers choose breed and color over training and suitability

Part of the blame for actions powered by emotions rather than cool logic, is pointed at the emotional section of the brain.   It sends ten times as many messages to the rational section of the brain as the rational section sends back, which means the emotional section of the brain dominates internal self talk. 

The emotional section of the brain has difficulty hearing, "shut up!" from the rational section.

If you're in business to earn a profit, it makes good sense to get better at working with emotional customers.  And you can be sure men can be just as emotional as women. 

Tips on dealing with emotional customers:

  • Identify the common causes of emotional responses like: Fear, Frustration, Regret.

  • Learn what triggers emotional responses in your customers.

  • Resist offering logical reasoning as a counter argument when a customer is highly emotional. It's illogical.

  • Let the customer "dump his bucket" of emotional thoughts first, by just listening.

  • After the bucket is empty, logic and rational thinking will begin to be accepted to help manage their expectations.

Granted, some customers never seem to move from emotional and irrational to logical and rational.  Frequently fired as customers, this small group will always be looking for a new boarding barn, instructor and trainer.

But, the majority of your customers are acting like humans when they become emotional, much like a horse acts when it is frightened, annoyed or threatened. 

Isn't it funny how a good horseman patiently helps an emotionally charged and fearful horse settle and calm himself from his fears, but can have so much difficulty helping an emotionally influenced customer do the same?

Your current customers, not including the frequently fired group, are your best source for ongoing revenue.

You are already an expert in horse handling skills.  Why not develop your expertise in human handling skills?

Others Have Said 

"Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end"-- Leonard Nimoy

"Logic is the art of going wrong with confidence"-- Joseph Wood Krutch


"The logic of words should yield to the logic of realities"--Louis D. Brandeis

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Back At The Barn

snow lane
I live near Buffalo, NY, well known for its snowy winters. But our snowfall accumulation this winter has been unremarkable compared to the rest of the States, parts of Canada and even the U.K.

For people with horses struggling with record snow accumulations, I just want to say I empatheticly feel your pain. Working in snow feels like working in slow motion.

The Winter Olympics have been delightful entertainment in our household the past week.  Skiing, skating and curling have been on the screen at various times. 

Skiing and skating aren't hard to follow.  But, curling is another story; I don't get it.

 That kind of sweeping effort belongs in a barn aisle, not on an ice rink.

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Until next time,


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