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November 20, 2009
Low Cost-High Impact Tips For A Brighter Business Image

Our tractor mounted grader blade gets used for $ hatmany jobs around the farm including: arena leveler, snow pusher and a substitute bulldozer.  It performs very well at the first two jobs.  As for dozer work, let's just say it's a good thing for me there is no Society for the Prevention of Machine Abuse.

It's not intended for use as heavy earth moving equipment and my over confidence in its structural strength has sent it to the repair wizard several times.

After the most recent repair, I treated the well used blade to a fresh coat of paint. The result was Wow! The old blade looked better than ever and once again rusty, tired iron looked very close to factory fresh.

It got me thinking about the magic of a paint job.  The effort only took about thirty minutes from start to finish and the paint was already on the garage shelf waiting to be put in service. 

The project was Low labor cost, low material cost, high result. It's the equation all business owners search for.

You may want to give your business an end of year paint job.  I don't mean literally paint everything, I mean do things that improve appearance and business image.  You can freshen up the first impression of your business just like my rusty grader blade and its new coat of paint.


Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Put a Welcome sign outside and inside your barn
  • Restock your business card supply
  • Add an exterior light to dark parking areas
  • Invest in hose racks
  • Fill the pot holes in the driveway
  • Clean out the truck and horse trailer
  • Change your daily uniform to look like a pro all the time, every day
  • Buy extra brooms for compulsive sweepers to help keep the aisle neat
  • Set a deadline for completion of stall cleaning each day
  • Post candid photos of your customers and their horses on a bulletin board
  • Put clocks in strategic places to encourage timeliness
  • Schedule a cobweb removal blitz hour
  • Invest in a few more water bucket scrubbing brushes
  • Keep the wheelbarrow tires filled with air and the axles oiled
  • Get the dust under control in the indoor
  • Hand write appreciation notes on your invoices
  • Hang a whiteboard and write a daily inspirational quote
  • Oil those squeaky hinges, barn door tracks and sticky snaps
  • Clean the indoor arena viewing area glass
  • Number or name the paddocks and pastures
  • Paint the lavatory
  • Clean out ditches and get the water moving away from pastures and buildings


You get the idea. 


Low cost, high impact, lasting impression.


Just like a fresh paint job.


What can you freshen up with your business today?


Others Have Said 
"Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are."--Theodore Roosevelt
"The profit on a good action is to have done it"--Seneca
"It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to have to paint it."-- Stephen Wright

Have Voice, Will Travel.


I attended an energetic New York National Speakers Assn. seminar on presentation techniques last week in Rochester.

I learned how swords, fire and boomerangs hold audience attention without stabbing, burning or hitting anyone.

I'd like your help with my goal of helping 10,000 horsemen in the next ten years become profitable horsemen.  I'm looking for public speaking opportunities to associations, groups, councils and businesses to tell the story about success in the horse business.
Please contact me about your group's event, the subject and the possibilities.  E-mail me here or call me (716) 434-5371.

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Back At The Barn

My part of the world has been enjoying a beautiful fall weather pattern with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. 
As we approach the U.S. Thanksgiving
holiday, I'm reminded that being thankful for warm days and dry feet is just as important as being thankful for greater abundances in my life.

Even if you're not in the U.S. on November 26, be thankful and reflect for a moment for the good things that have come into your life.
Happy Thanksgiving!

I help professional horsemen and horsewomen struggling with the business half of the horse business. 

Not enough time, not enough money or not enough of the right people working for you?

Is your horse boarding business unprofitable?
Contact me to see if I can help. 

Until next time,

Doug Emerson
Profitable Horseman Deewochagall
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