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February 1, 2008 
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Top Five Reasons Why Skepticism Is Important For Your Horse Business Success
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The Top Five Reasons Why Skepticism Is Important For Your Horse Business Success!


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You probably know or have instructed a riding student who obsesses in fear of falling off.  And you have heard statements like, " I'm not any good", "the horse doesn't like me", "I have nothing but bad luck", contribute to a self fulfilling prophecy of an unplanned dismount and landing, abruptly, in the dirt.


"See, I told you so", the student confidently declares brushing off the dust.  The student's skepticism about success almost always guarantees failure.  And you recognize the need to help by suggesting that self doubt and being skeptical are ingredients in the recipe for failure.  Coaches have been working with athletes erasing doubt and encouraging positive results with visualization techniques forever.


But, riding and sports are one thing, business is another.  We're not talking about medals, we're talking about MONEY!


And risk evaluation and understanding the downside is important, correct?



Murphy and his followers frequently remind us, "If anything can go wrong, it will."
And, b
etter to plan for the worst case scenario and "keep the bases covered."

Let's not forget,"Nobody makes money in the horse business."


You may need to study:


The Top Five Reasons Why Skepticism Is Important For Your Horse Business Success:


1.      __________________

2.      __________________

3.      __________________

4.      __________________

5.      _________________



You can fill in the blanks above, if you choose to. 



I can't think of one good reason for being skeptical about your own business success.  Therefore, I've delegated that responsibility to:






        Perpetual doubters




If you're continuously wondering what the worst case scenario is for your business, STOP.  Others are waiting in line to tell you the bad news.  Alumni of the Murphy's Law School for Negative Thinking are everywhere and easily consulted for pointing out things that can go wrong.  You'll find much better business success if you spend your time thinking about things that can go right. 


Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that operating your business in ignorance of risks is good strategy.  My point is that if you spend your day worrying about what to do if your business colics in three months, then chances are pretty good that in 89 days you'll start having symptoms.


And just like the rider who worries about falling off, if your daily energy is dedicated to avoiding the "the worst case scenario", a failed business, you should wear a helmet to work, because you're going to crash.


When you hear the voices of the business skeptics in your head, refer them to your personal delegated team of expert skeptics.  They can handle all of the negativity.


Because, you don't have time for cynics,  you've got a successful business to lead.


Others Have Said 

"If you think you can or if you think you can't, you're right."  --  Henry Ford

"Skepticism is slow suicide"  -- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Back At The Barn 
winter mike

Even though horses and the horse business have been around for thousands of years and events are usually predictable, sometimes "firsts" occur. 


In a conversation with a riding instructor this week, I learned about a personal "first" she experienced that made me chuckle and just about left the instructor speechless.  A seven year old student, who already had ridden in several lessons, was dropped off for her weekly lesson by her mother.  The student, a bit of a free thinker already at her tender age, apparently is no slave to riding fashion. 


She showed up ready to ride wearing her favorite denim skirt and sporting a look of what could possibly be wrong with her attire?


Fortunately, to complete her ensemble, the young lady had chosen a heavy pair of black leggings.  The leggings were "close enough" for breeches for the amused instructor and the skirt was temporarily hung on the bridle hook as the lesson went on as scheduled.


Seven may be the age of reason, but not always the right reason.


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Have a spectacular week!

Doug Emerson
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