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April 5, 2007

Are you tired of trying to make money in the horse business the old way? I help professional horsemen find new and better methods to add to the profitability of their businesses.
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  • Good Horses Make Short Miles

    The title of this article is an English proverb that makes good horse sense literally and offers an even deeper meaning figuratively.

    You may be able to count some of the following business items in your tally of “good horses”:

    1. Your employees or professional support team
    2. Your tack, tractors, trucks, trailers and equine facility
    3. Your good customers and clients
    4. Your own horses
    5. Yourself

    What makes for each day in business a journey of short miles?

    Employees/Support team

    Every successful accomplishment your business makes each working day is largely dependent on your hand picked employees, assistants and professional support team. Whether you learned long ago or are just learning, your business cannot run successfully without the help and work of others.

    If you have ever managed a bad employee or have had one as a coworker, you know the pain and frustration of trying to get things done right. Just like a bad horse might make a one mile trail ride an endurance event, the wrong employee for the job can make an eight hour day seem like twelve.

    Equipment and Facilities

    “Have the right tool for the job” is sage advice from all old timers. But in the pursuit of false economy, some professional horsemen tolerate baling wire hinges, manure mountains high enough to cast shadows on the barn and geriatric fences challenged to stand up to a strong breeze.

    While keeping equipment and facility investment as low as possible is good strategy, a horse business starved for tractors, tools and stabling in good repair will be continuously hungering for steady income.

    Customers and Clients

    Clients who show up late for lessons, appointments, barn hours and the first of the month board fee, sure do make the day and the customer journey long. It’s a given: good customers should expect good service. But, when you are consistently delivering good service, there are customers who can still find fault and reason to complain about the most trivial matters. It’s these customers who make customer service an uphill trek every time they appear at the farm or call on the phone. Not only do bad customers create long miles, they'll drag you along for a marathon of long miles.

    Your Horses

    You are admired for your big heart and sympathy for problem horses and scolded for hanging on to those that no longer fit in your program as lesson horses, broodmares or standing stallions.

    Lesson horses that are consistently the favorites bring smiles to the faces of the students who ride them, the instructor who shines because of them and the business owner who knows their value. The same smile appears when mares consistently produce quality foals and stallions sire show winners.

    Those unpopular horses in the lesson string which intimidate students, broodmares which are difficult to get in foal and stallions whose get is lackluster and dull are “long milers” and need to put out their resumes for new jobs elsewhere.

    You, as Business Owner

    In your business, are you exhausted because you are the only one who can do it right, inclined to keep the details in your head and disgusted and angry because you can’t find good help?

    Or, are you a leader in your business who delegates responsibility to others, conveys a clear message and vision in which the business is going and sets an example for others to follow?

    It’s up to you to make the decision to make all of your business miles, short miles using “good horses” in all parts of your business.

    Others have said

    "Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome." -- Arthur Ashe

    "If a man takes no thought about what is distant, he will find sorrow near at hand." -- Confucius

    "As you journey through life take a minute every now and then to give a thought for the other fellow. He could be plotting something" -- Haggar the Horrible

    Back at the Barn
    april snow barn

    Spring is here, but where I live, near Buffalo, NY, Mother Nature likes the population to genuinely appreciate warm spring weather. A mini blizzard was our reminder this morning.

    I met a wood shavings bedding supplier this week who has some progressive ideas about how the horse bedding business can change for everyone’s benefit - both supplier and customer.

    He is starting a business to use recycled and scrap wood as a source of heat energy to process recycled corrugated cardboard into pellets for bedding. He told me the end product would be less dusty, higher absorbency and could even be scented. He had a sample of the pellets with him and the concept sounded and appeared worthy.

    The horse business is loaded with tradition, but like all other businesses, it needs to adapt to changing economic models. As the demand for wood resources for pelletized fuel drives up sawdust and shaving prices, new products for bedding will emerge.

    What traditions in your business need adaptation?

    Build the Horse Business You've Always Wanted

    I work with Professional Horsemen who are struggling with the business half of the horse business.

    Just like a top performing horse has a strong foundation, so does a top performing horse business.

    If you've had enough with disappointment in your horse business, call or e-mail and we can talk about your business and how I may be able to help you.

    A big Welcome to new subscribers this week. If you know other horsemen who would enjoy this newsletter, please forward it to them!

    I appreciate your help !


    Speaking about the Horse Business...
    megaphone man

    Need a speaker about the horse business for your horse related organization? Talk to me about talking. Keynotes and workshops available. (716) 434-5371

    Want to Transform Your Horse Business with More Profit and better balance between work, rest & play?
    istock classroom

    A one day Profitable Horseman workshop can come to your neighborhood! Put together a group of six or more workshop attendees and I'll travel to your location.

    We'll cover strategies for success in the horse business:

    • Creating a three year vision for your business
    • Building a plan for profitability and getting contol of the money
    • Planning the time to plan
    • Leadership within you business
    • Creating customer service
    • The art of selling
    • Marketing methodically
    • Balancing work, rest and play

    Sound like a good idea?

    Ideas only work when put into action.

    Call (716) 434-5371 or email here.

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