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January 18, 2006

This newsletter is written by Doug Emerson who specializes in helping professional horsemen find new and better methods to add to the profitability of their businesses.

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  • Looking for a Speaker about the Business of Being in the Horse Business?
  • People Whisperers-Better Communication in the Horse Business.
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  • Back at the Barn
  • More Profit in Less Time
  • Getting to the Point

  • People Whisperers-Better Communication in the Horse Business.

    Many professional horsemen are skilled in communicating with horses from years of experience in the horse business. Getting the message across to horses effectively is essential to a profitable horse business. While many professional horsemen are outstanding at “whispering”, their people communication skills could use some basic ground work.

    The nature of communication with people is not unlike how we communicate with our horses; we use verbal and non-verbal methods. It would seem that communicating with humans would be so much easier since we share common language that can be understood by all. But the reality is that it is challenging to communicate with people, especially about their riding or their horses. How many times have you wished that you could apply just a little poll pressure to make your point to a client who doesn’t understand your message? Unfortunately, applying poll pressure or using a curb chain is not an option in your horse business.

    Communicating with horses is much easier in many ways than communicating with people. Horses, by nature, are followers and content being part of a herd following their leader. We humans, however, are independent creatures and not always receptive to listening intently or concentrating on the best way to deliver a message.

    As a professional horseman how do you become better at People Whispering?

    1. Study body language for humans. Your body language and your customer’s body language “speak” volumes of information. There are many good books describing body language, crossed arms for example, and what it means.
    2. Say what you want to say in the simplest terms possible. Often, what we want to convey to our customers is new information. Keeping things simple and understandable is a key to successful communication. Save the flowery language for someone else.
    3. Polish your public speaking skills at a Toastmaster group. The right toastmaster group will help you become polished at speaking not only to groups but on a one on one basis. (click here for Toastmasters information)
    4. Use diagrams and pictures when practical. “A picture is still worth a thousand words”, putting your ideas, concepts and observations in a stick figure drawing will help you get your point across.
    5. Learn to listen. The art of listening is seldom practiced in business communication. Often, business people who take the time to listen carefully to what their customers want, get a new perspective.

    Good communication skills will separate your brand of horse business from everyone else. Good communication does not mean you have to be a contest winning orator or someone who speaks like an Ivy League professor. Make a difference in your horse business success by becoming a People Whisperer.

    Others have said

    "Every improvement in communication makes the bore more terrible." -- Frank Moore Colby

    "An ignorant person is one who doesn't know what you just found out." -- Will Rogers

    "Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can have some conversation." -- Judith Martin (Miss Manners)

    Back at the Barn
    back at barn

    I was a crew member on a sailboat for racing one summer. Yacht racing is as old a sport as horse racing, I suspect. The start of the races was controlled chaos where the skippers had to carefully coordinate the countdown to the starting gun with the wind, other boats, current and crew.

    The communication styles of the skippers were varied. I heard well disciplined skippers giving calm and direct orders to the crew and also heard what were known as screamers. Screamers, no matter what the circumstance, preferred to scream about anything and everything. Trim, ease, move, sit, duck, hurry, now, and idiot were common words screamed to the crew. The skipper of the boat I was on was cool and quiet. He talked just loud enough for those who needed to hear his words. We all got our jobs done as best we could and had fun. He was a whisperer in his sport.

    Whisperers, always get my attention; screamers always get to my blood pressure.

    Life is short, ride hard.


    More Profit in Less Time

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    The purpose of this publication is to help professional horsemen also be Profitable Horsemen.

    Getting to the Point

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    Looking for a Speaker about the Business of Being in the Horse Business?
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