Make Money in Your Horse Business- Announcing a program for calculating boarding profit!


True or False?

" There is no money in the horse boarding business."

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You’ve heard it and you may have even said it.  But, how do you know it?

You don’t really know what your true profit or loss is from your boarding operation unless you have taken the time to put your numbers on paper. I don’t know about you, but time is at a premium in my life and extra time when you are in the horse business is about as easy to make as a Kentucky Derby winner.

Not only does it take extra time to put the numbers on paper, but which numbers do you use and where do you find them are other hard questions.  It’s a frustrating math project if you aren’t familiar with the number crunching process.

Knowing what your profit is in your horse boarding operation doesn't have to be a mystery any longer...

Announcing:  The Horse Boarding Profit Calculator

a new and easy way to:














Included as part of the Horse Boarding Profit Calculator Program designed just for professional horsemen, is an electronic Excel spreadsheet built for you to effortlessly insert your numbers and let the spreadsheet do the rest of the calculations instantly.  Running What Ifprojections are a snap with the Profit Calculator program.

The program also includes my professional support and guidance to complete the worksheet and then interpret what the results mean for you. 

We will talk about:


Individual program:


Program price…$127.00


one hour evening Tel

eclasses devoted to using the Profit Calculator and boardi

Don't worry, you don't need to have a degree in Accounting to understand the information in this program, just a willingness to learn and create more profit in your business.

I work very hard at keeping my programs content rich but as simple as possible

If you have been frustrated for years with dealing with the business part of your business, I know I can help you.

I'm so confident that you will get great value out of this program that it comes with a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

I don't sell lame horses or unsound programs.

If you have questions, call me or e-mail me today.

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